Retail Solutions

Experienced Technical Support - In addition to your own account management team, you will also have access to our experienced technical helpdesk experts and retrieval/chargeback resolution specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always on duty to help, no matter when you need them.

Customized Reports - With a few mouse clicks, you can get customized location and corporate-wide reporting in daily, weekly or monthly formats through secure web access or daily emails.

Payments types- We supports all the major payment types your business needs. Not only can you take advantage of our competitive MasterCard® and Visa® discount rates, we also support American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, Carte Blanche®, JCB®, debit, stored value, corporate cards, EBT cards. And you get quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

Varied Terminal Interfaces - Our applications are developed to work in almost any type of POS environments. We also support industry-specific terminal features and hardware platforms that feature VeriFone Tranz® or Omni®, Hypercom® ICE, Lipman® Nurit and TeleCheck® Eclipse Payment Terminal, among others. And if you already own your terminal, in most cases we can convert you to the First Data system quickly and easily.

Advanced Communications - We offer a full spectrum of connectivity options to support your processing needs, including dialup, wireless, authorization over high-speed T1 lines and internet transport.

Flexible Platforms - Our options include stand-alone, networked and PC, or we can integrate with many third-party integrated systems.

Chargeback and Retrieval Handling - Our expert, aggressive chargeback and retrieval handling can help protect the sales you've already made. We can often act on your behalf, preventing chargeback's before they occur.

Short Startup Time - If your enterprise is just starting out, or you're switching to our services, you'll get the support you need to get your system up and running in no time.

Terminals that are used for this industry

Verifone Omni and Trans/ZonJr, Hypercom, Ingenico, Nurit, Eclipse and Thales Talento

Application  Name   Industry Manufacturer Terminal  
Hypercom PNS Proprietary ICE 5500   Retail Hypercom ICE 5500  
Hypercom PNS Proprietary T7 Plus   Retail Hypercom Hypercom T7 Plus  
Hypercom PNS Proprietary T7/T8   Retail Hypercom T7P, T7PT & T77T Only  
Hypercom Standard ICE 5000   Retail Hypercom ICE 5000, ICE 5500  
Hypercom Standard T7 Restaurant   Retail Hypercom T7 Series, e.g. T7, T7E, T7P  
Omni 3300 & 3350   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni 3300 & 3350  
Omni 3730/Vx510 & 3730LE/Vx510LE   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni 3730/Vx510 & 3730LE/Vx510LE  
Omni 3750 & 3740   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni 3750 & 3740  
Omni 3750   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni 3750 & 3740  
Omni Vx570   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni Vx570  
Omni Vx610   Retail VeriFone OMNI Omni Vx610 Restaurant  
Eclipse Retail   Retail Eclipse   TeleCheck Eclipse  
Nurit 2080   Retail Nurit Nurit 2080  
Nurit 2085/2085+ TCS   Retail Nurit Nurit 2085/2085+  
Nurit 8100 TCS   Retail Nurit Nurit 8100  
Nurit 8320   Retail Nurit Nurit 8320  
Ingenico i5100 Retail   Retail Ingenico Ingenico i5100 Retail  
Ingenico i7780 Retail Pay @ the Table   Retail Ingenico Ingenico i7780 Retail  

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