Financial Institutions and Associations

Merchant Card International partners are the leaders in the merchant services industry processing over 500 billion a year in volume and 16 billion transactions. Merchant Card International can handle all of your needs coupled  with our 24X7 Customer Services department. Everyone works very hard to insure that all of our and your customers process hassle free. MCI has over 9 different pricing programs to fit all of your customer needs in turn this allow your customers and members to get the best processing program designed specially for them

Our product line is very extensive including credit card terminals, check products, gift cards, atm machines, point-of-sale equipment with credit card processing and more  We make it very convenient and affordable for banks, savings and loans, credit unions and associations to process and manage virtually every type of payment. We assist our all of our partners with their clients portfolio along with evaluation, sales calls, product demonstrations, customer seminars and bank or merchant training, so you can grow your portfolio and revenue without having to increase staff.

MCI's Customizable solutions:

Our Agent Bank or Referral Programs allows you to sell merchant services or we'll do it for you
Our 9 Flexible Pricing Options allow our Agent Banks to earn more residuals
Our relationship is the largest in the business handling over 500 billion in volume and 16 billion in yearly transactions
Dedicated Sales and Marketing Support
Revenue Share Programs for Referral Banks so you earn residuals
First Data is the Leader in Credit Card Processing and Gift Card Programs

To learn more about Merchant Cards Bank and Association, please contact us or call us at 888-343-9993 ext 303

Become an agent or referral bank partner today! Our solutions include Merchant Services, Credit Card and Gift Card Processing, Agent / Referral Bank or Association programs.

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